Saturday, January 21, 2017

Count Your Blessings

Don't Feel Down in the Dumps-ter

By Rex Frankel, 1/19/2017

Don't just react to orange ass atrocities.

Donate to progressive groups which sue the feds. Refuse to buy from businesses that support Trump and his angry ilk. Dump your pay TV so your money doesn't go to TV networks that gave billions in free coverage to Trump. Use an antenna if you must. Dump your daily newspaper if it is in the dumpster for the Trumpster: especially those owned by Digital First Media, which are the Daily News, Daily Breeze, and Pasadena Star News.

Deprive the feds of your tax dollars temporarily or permanently by pouring your income into 401k's or tax exempt bonds.

Don't buy anything you see advertised on Fuckbook or Twitter as they bring us fake news and the Daily Trump spew with no fact checking or ethics. Trade with your friends, buy used unless you really need new stuff.

And above all, remember that California has the right to privacy written into our Constitution, so abortion cannot be made illegal by the feds. Californians can enact our own version of Obamacare just as Massachusetts did years ago, or better yet, a state run health insurance system. Oh, yeah, and if red states want to wreck their schools and environment, we will not here. Just as we can't force residents of other countries to vote smarter, don't feel so bad for residents of red states when Trump screws them. We can only control what goes on in our own backyard, so if the neighbors are dumb, unless it affects us, let's let them learn from their Trump-steaks, er mistakes.

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