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2/4/2010: Enviro deal-cutters get a lot of heat

8/27/2009: Do California Environmentalists Want another Mega-Pipe to Send more Northern Calif. Water to So-Cal?

7/6/2009: Envirowimps: L.A.'s Big Green Groups Get Comfy & leave the street-fighting to the little guys

5/8/2009: New Park Has 360 Degree View of L.A.

4/27/2009: Our Updated Santa Monica Mountains parks purchase map

3/9/2009: Habitat Conservation or Development Accomodation?

2/27/2009: Pitting parks advocates against each other
2/21/2009: Debate Over L.A.'s Newest Light Rail Line Shows Need for Elevated Instead of Street Level Design

2/18/2009: Sacramento River Delta plan

1/14/2009: Why We Favor Elevated Light-Rail Transit Over Subways

1/02/2009: A New Year's 2009 Message from Rare Earth News

1/01/2009: At Least 90,000 acres were Preserved in 2008
Our 2008 Update to our California Conservation Lands Inventory

12/302008: California’s Voter-Created UGB’s: Urban Growth Boundaries

12/6/2008: wid power growing north of LA

8/28/2008: Tejon Ranch stock market value blues

8/4/2008: more on Tejon Ranch

8/3/2008: CA Supertrain seeks $( billion

6/6/2008 Humbooldt Redwoods Axemaster loses in bankruptcy court

6/2/2008: A Make the Developers Pay-Water Bill is Being Debated in Sacramento

5/13/2008: Tejon Ranch Development Proposal Cuts Key Wildlife Corridors Between Sierra Nevadas and Coast Ranges

4/29/2008: Over 130,000 acres in CA saved in 8 months

3/26/2008: Oregon Voters Overturn Sneaky Developer Windfall Law

1/16/2008: Some Claim Environmental Benefit to Plan that Would Send More Northern California Water to the South

1/5/2008: Two Big San Luis Obispo County Land Deals are in the works:

¼/2008: ruling blocks housing project near California's Mount Whitney

10/25/2007: Horror of Southern California Brush Fires as Seen from Above

9/15/2007: L.A. Councilman urges opposition to 5,500-home development at Wildlife Pinchpoint between Santa Susana Mountains and Angeles National Forest

9/15/2007: Ballona Developers Not Only Lose Their Building Permits and EIR, They Lose Their High Density Zoning

9/5/2007: Huge Gains in Saving Land in California Between 2000 and Summer of 2007

9/5/2007: L.A.'s Baldwin Hills Could be 2/3rds Saved Soon

10/4/2015: LA Creeks master plan project


6/29/2015: L.A. Politicians Get Sued When they Favor Concrete over New Parks for L.A

6/18/2015: $20 billion tax-hiking No New Parks Plan is Ok'd by State Board

5/18/2015: High Speed Hearing Endorses Bad L.A. Creeks Plan

5/16/2015: What L.A.'S Park System Could Look Like -- If L.A.'s Concreted Creeks Were Turned Into Parks

9/29/2014: comments on L.A. City and County urban runoff cleanup plans (ie., wetland pollution plans)

5/2006: Bay Cleanup or Boondoggle?

11/18/2007: the 2 Competing Plans for Cleaning up SM Bay

11/21/2006: River Restoration gets front page of LA Weekly

11/2007: SLO Restored Creeks

8/10/2006: River restoration is least expensive way to clean up SM Bay

9/21/2018: Why is a Top Southern California Edison Wetlands Manager Spreading Baloney about the Ballona Wetlands?

2/22/2018: Bureaucrats Want to Speed Up Sea Level Rise's Harm to the Ballona Wetlands

2/5/2018: Our Comment Letter on the 8000-Page Ballona wetlands Restoration Plan Report

2/28/2018 Photos of the cute critters at risk at Ballona

1/22/2018: A Big victory for fans of the Ballona Wetlands:

2/28/2018: we testify at CA Coastal Commission on illegal drying up of Ballona Wetlands

11/8/2017: our statement at the Baig Ballona hearing:

7/9/2015: When polluters and funders design a wildlife preserve's restoration plan, what do ya get?

6/12/2015: Annenberg Backs Away from Ballona, locates a couple of miles east

12/4/2014: the Annenberg Foundation Will Not "AccessBallona"

5/25/2014: What is the Correct Definition of a Wetland Restoration?

5/9/2014: Do the Ballona Wetlands Need a Big Fix? Those claiming that now didn't think so before they made deals with the developers

8/14/2012: first big hearing on Ballona rrestoration

7/14/2012: Playa Vista tries to privatize their parks

4/4/2012: CA Supreme Court declines to take our case--so our legal battle over the last phase of Playa Vista has ended


8/17/2010: developer dealt away their rights to build more



6/17/2009: why not split Ballona restoration plan into two?

6/8/2009: Bureaucrats kick public out of Ballona Wetlands

4/27/2009: hilltop park opens

3/26/2009: our cover story in the Culver City News

2/20/2009: I meet with Ballona's top bureaucrat

2/17/2009: Ballona developer seeks another public gift

State backs off a bit from destructive Ballona scheme

11/4/2008: our accomplishments 1988-2008:

10/14/2008: State Unveils Restoration Plan for Ballona Wetlands to Extreme Alarm of the Folks Who Fought For Years to Save It

3/17/2008: lands yet to be saved at Ballona

3/17/2008: LAX northside development is cut back

3/17/2008: PLAYA VISTA: development a bad investment for all involved

4/1988: Demopublican Developmentality, see page 3

5/1989: L.A. and Culver City at War (against the public), see page 8

5/1989: Lincoln Blvd traffic capacity war, see page 8

for 8/1989 story,, see Westside enviro newsletter


4/1999: secret Playa Vista memos released
Insider whistleblowers release Playa Vista internal memos

June 1999: Playa Vista hosts "Smart Growth" convention" see page 2

9/1999: Spielberg bails out of Ballona

8/2000: Playa Vista developer's finances in deep trouble;
the full story of the discovery of explosive gases under Playa Vista's condos
click here: Self-Heating Condos

January 2003
Lincoln Blvd. Widening through future State Park halted; BEEP's alternative gets good review by Coastal Commission; and more in BEEP's Save Our Ballona Park newsletter

1/2017: Don't be too blue over Trump

4/2010: People With Nothing Better to do but criticize the spelling in other people's "tweets"

8/2009: Victimized Venice Developer Lobbyist Sues State for not forcing the public to park in his boss's lots

10/2008: The Repackaging of the President

Khristmas at Kennebunkport
(Originally published in the Free Venice Beachhead, August 1991)


6/2008: toiling for oil

3/2007: L.A.Times Columnist Pits Light Rail Advocates Against Open Space Protectors;
We Can Have Both

2/2010: Medicare for all

10/2009: Fox News stands alone against the massive liberal media

8/2009: more on Medicare for all

5/2009 on-line newspaper pay walls not going to save them without local news again

2/2009: a la carte cable tv

2/2009: the digital TV switchover giveaway

1/19/2009: GW Bush leaves office

8/2008: oil companies feel overtaxed

8/2008: radio biz has problems

12/2007: Boo Hoo!...Media Giants Say Anti-Monopoly Rules Governing the Public-Owned, but Corporate-Occupied Airwaves are Them

11/2007: Buy Nothing Day

11/2007: AT&T is buying back its monopoly

10/2007: CA newspaper monopolism

10/2007: right wing dominance of talk radio biz

7/2007: Boycott everything
The county measure W is supposed to build projects that clean up and restore polluted creeks that pour crud onto our beaches. Sadly, this plan has been twisted into a water supply expansion by trying to catch nearly every drop of rain that falls in LA, so there will be no water in the creeks flowing into the beaches on every day except during big storms. Dry creeks means no freshwater for wildlife, but a huge new source for developers. The Eco sellout group Heal The Bay is the major backer of measure W, and they are the loudest backers of the plan to bulldoze the Ballona wetlands for a decade, claiming it's a restoration plan. Measure W is a boon for engineering corporations and the developers that will get the water. The promise of clean beaches and removing concrete from urban creeks is now just a sales pitch with no "teeth". I have read and commented upon many of the plans, and sued over the master plan for LA County urban stormwater pollution cleanup. Voters need to reject paying for this bad plan and demand a true creek and beach cleanup and restoration plan. Read more at

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